The Sales Managers Checklist in FMCG

This is the daily check list for a front line Sales Manager who works in FMCG Channel mode of distribution.

  • Report to office 30 minutes before others reach office and visualise your plan for the day with your eyes closed.
  • Submit reports and meet your boss for 30 minutes.
  • Leave office premises latest by 1030am and reach the market by 11am.
  • Spend 30 minutes on the beat that you are going to work on today. In my field days , I just used to walk around the beat and get a feel about the same.
  • Meet the distributor at 11 am and find out following:
    • Secondary sale of yesterday (Check this from the Delivery challan book of distributor)
    • Missed deliveries of yesterday (Cross check actual deliveries of yesterday with orders booked by you)
    • Discuss Marketing initiatives with distributor
  • Jointly work with the Sales / Delivery clerk of distributor on his planned beat for the day
  • Review your day with the distributor / his support staff in terms of
    • Secondary sales made today
    • Run Rates of Sales required
    • Plans for achieving this
  • Reporting at office
  • At least twice a week, move around on market beats / routes for an hour to observe
    • Market Visibility
    • Market Penetration
    • Competitors movement
  • Spend half a day, once in a week (Saturdays) when you should plan for the next week and review last week.

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