The Probability of Sales

In as much as all of us would like to feel and think that Sales is an outcome of a judicious skill to smartly talk the customer into a product or service, in actual fact ,

Sales is the outcome of the probability of RIGHT PRODUCT being offered to the RIGHT PERSON at the RIGHT TIME on the RIGHT PRICE.

All of you would think that if Sales is a probability than what exactly is the role of the salesperson in this game of Selling.

Well! in a function of probability, the outcome increases by repeating the function for as many times as possible. Example – If I throw the dice once the chances of getting a 6 (desired outcome) is 1/6 and if I throw the same dice for 100 times the chances of getting 6 is 100/6. Be repeating the process 100 times, I have increased the chances of getting a 6(desired outcome) by 100 times and my results would be better by 16.4 times. If all of us have understood this small bit of statistics and theory of probability, let us move forward to understand the key learnings here from the sales management perspective:

1. More Sales Calls = More Sales.

  • Salespersons with lot of selling skills but not enough sales calls are failures in life.
  • Salespersons who make lot of sales calls as well as have good selling skills are worth their weight in gold.
  • The thumb rule for no of sales calls is 19 calls in 3 hours.( One beat map = 19 calls = 3 hours)

All salespersons can be rated by their MNOC/day (Min no of calls) norm

2. In order to maximise the MNOC/day, one has to optimise the MTBC (Mean Time between Calls)

  • Ask your salespersons to make calls in high density areas of Target Group(TG) so that MTBC is low
  • Beats should be prepared in a manner that it facilitates achievement of MTBC targets

A salesperson who achieves his MNOC under controllable norms of MTBC is worth his weight in Diamond.

3.”Right Person” and “Right Price” are controllable probables

  • Marketers must research well in advance to arrive at a guesstimate correct “Right Person” and “Right Price”
  • Right Price is a “Strategy” and “Positioning” norm as well and must be worked out judiciously.
  • If these two variables are controlled, the probability function of sales is left with 2 variables alone and therefore can be predicted better

So go and repeat the act of Sales as many times as possible during the day. The more the merrier!

Each time you go to the field and start the act of Sales, do it with the finesse that it demands. The recipe for a perfect Sales Professional is there in front of you. Enjoy the meal along with your customer order and not with your customer in the meal!

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