The Bye laws for Sales Shooters

Smart Salespersons are often called as “Sharp Shooters” in jest. They are expected to shoot the doubt in a prospects mind whether he should buy a product or service or not to a point where he decides to buy the product or service.

This game of sharp shooting comes with a set of bye laws which should not be broken by sharp shooters:

  1. Salespersons never dupe a customer into buying.
  2. Salespersons will never tell a lie to prove ones point.
  3. Salespersons will ensure that the spirit of service does not die down after the sale is done.
  4. Salespersons will always help a fellow salesperson in cases were there is no conflict of interest.
  5. Salespersons will always seek 3 References from a customer who has a Customer Satisfaction Index > 1 and has a vintage of at least 6 months in the system.
  6. Salesperson will always make an effort to redeem the Life Time Value of a customer. No sale is final with a given customer.
  7. Salesperson will make all efforts to uphold the image and climate of sales in the ecosystem.
  8. Salespersons will work hard like a dog and celebrate every milestone like a bear.
  9. Salespersons will never force a sale to a poor person who has better usage of financial resources available.
  10. Salespersons will accept mistakes just like any other human being is allowed to do but will never repeat a mistake.


So all my Sharp Shooters in the world out there, please enjoy your selling and follow these bye -laws always.

Long live the salesperson!

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