Successful Salespersons are Mad


All Successful Salespersons are Mad. All Mad persons are not successful!

Success in Sales comes out of a lot of madness, eccentricity,passion, zeal and enthusiasm to perform. It is never a pleasure to “climb the wall” as the only solution always to move ahead. Salespersons master in this to the extent that they enjoy doing this every time, every moment.

All Sales Consultant have to work hard to locate all such people on Earth who have the kind of “Love” that you are looking out for. Anything that you love as a salesperson or the customer loves as a user is not important unless there is a sense of commonality in both. Only mad persons can forego what they love and look for commonalities!

Lets look at the “Attitude” component in Sales Success sales training apart from other factors. If you don’t have an element of madness enough to “think big” as well as “think fresh” your views may end up rotting in your mind for the rest of your life.

The above illustration shows 10 top keys to success in Sales Strategy. As a practicing salesperson I would like to put “Madness to perform” above all these 10 points.

The 4 keys to Sales Success shown above is very logical. Please understand that only an insanely mad person who has only one aim in life and that is to be “successful in sales” can fulfill all the 4 categories mentioned above Sales Growth.

I would go ahead to say that if you are “Mad enough” to make a slave out of your performance, you will rock in the world of sales. If not, I have met so many sales professionals Sales Training Programs (so called) who have all the above virtues mentioned above but yet they are not coveted sales professionals.

Make it large! Make it fun! Let it intoxicate you always!

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