Selling should never become easy

Imagine a world where customers start calling you on phone to come and deliver the product in their house and collect the money. To be still wilder, customers are standing in one long queue waiting for their turn to buy your products and services. Someone even dreamt that customers one day will call salespersons and give them money and wait for being serviced by them in return!

Wild thinking! Even while writing this I get a bad feeling within me. If the world really becomes like this all salespeople will be reduced to errand boys. Would you like to be one? Very shortly, the world will not need salespersons . They will only need delivery boys or clerks.

Isn’t it so simple?

We were born as salespersons because the world needs us. No customer would ever be able to understand and know what he or she needs exactly. A sales professional will be required to help the customer understand what he or she needs and then further add up to educate them as to what more do they need to completely fulfill their demands and aspirations. Having done this, the salesperson is yet again required to tell the customer “what else” they may need along with the basic purchase that they have just made. On satisfactory service, the salesperson is yet again required to seek more references from the customer to sell more!

The day each of us in Sales realise that problems in the market are a cause for our existence in this profession of selling, the world will become a greater place to live in.

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