Selling in the Rains

The compensation of a salesperson does not change in any ways with seasons. If this is true, the input as well as output expected from the salesperson by the employer across seasons will be same.

I have seen that in “Rainy Season” the efficiency and effectiveness of salespersons drop down although I do not see any reason for this. Nothing has changed in the market except for the fact that the salesperson accepts defeat in his mind and justifies the same with his inability to move around freely in the rains.

The following tips may help you in this rainy season:

  • Always carry a list of at least 20 prospects from any database with you. Whenever you are stuck up in rains go to a peaceful corner in the building and start making tele calls to them.
  • Positively engage your customers on SMS groups / email groups / whats app groups when you are stuck up in rains
  • Always work in market pockets with high density (Cluster Analysis) of TG (Target Group) so that MTBC(Mean Time Between Calls) is minimised.
  • Always carry your rain coat (Invest in a good one) , rain shoes, mobile covers, spare T-shirt and socks in your bag so that if you get wet by any chance you don’t have to waste the whole day.
  • The following profiles sit idle during rainy season:
    • Builders
    • Civil Contractors
    • Cable laying companies
    • Painters

In a nutshell, empower , gear up and arm yourself to work in this rainy season. Nothing should drop – Lead generation , Lead fulfillment, Lead engagement etc. Nothing has changed. Professionals do not change with seasons. Let us prove that we are professional Salespersons who profess the religion of Sales!

If you have trouble in doing this, call me on 9970506000 for sales coaching.

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