Sell with an Attitude

You do not become a professional unless you carry the attitude of the given profession. One does not become a good model only by being beautiful. Similarly one does not become a great cricketer just be virtue of cricketing skills.The attitude differentiates a salesperson from a begging salesperson!

Sell with an attitude. Do not beg.

Let me postulate a few tips for you to help you sell with an attitude.

  • Do not say ” I have something interesting for you…”. Instead pitch ” You now have the opportunity to reward yourself the benefit of …………”
  • Help the customer “arrive at the truth”. Do not “tell him the truth”.
  • Never exhibit eagerness to sell. Always show eagerness to explain benefits.
  • Garner the courage to “Reject” a customer if you feel he is not cooperating with you in the sales journey. Tell yourself “May be some other day, not today with this prospect”
  • Understand that your “Dharma” is to make more and more sales calls in the right TG. Law of probability will close orders for you when you happen to be sitting with the right person today.
  • Train your voice, body language, voice modulation everyday. Lata Mangeshkar , Zakir Husain, MS Dhoni still train everyday!
  • Always answer a question with a relevant question and not an answer. (e.g. Customer: What is the price? Salesperson: What is your budget?)
  • Allow your customers to talk with you. Many a times, we keep on talking without giving our customers a chance to react.
  • Do not wait for customers who do not honor time. –
  • Be unique! – Your pitch, your presentation, your behavior, your language, your examples, your closing……. everything!

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