Sell On Your Own Terms

We are cruising in to a new year and it is good time to ask ourselves

Do we Sell as Sales Professionals ?

Do we sell like Sales Clerks?

When you bag an order at the buyers terms and conditions you have just dug a grave for yourself. By the time you fulfill customers terms and conditions and collect your payments the order may not be worth it , at all!

It has been seen that a salesperson is forced to do business on the customers terms and conditions when he is not able to identify and explain the unique benefits of his offering to the customer. Do not sell your product or service as if you were selling a commodity. For sure, your product or service does offer some unique benefits to its customers. Challenge the customer on these Benefits and solicit orders only on your terms and conditions.

Do you know the Features, Advantage & Benefits of your product?

If yes, always open the call with “Benefits” and not “Features”. You will always find your call moving in a desirable direction.

Wish you a very happy new year and happy selling!

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