Seduce your Customers

For two people to get attracted to each others offering(One offers money and the other offers a product or service) to an extent that a mutual transaction is allowed with consensus(sale point) it is imperative that one of them gets seduced by the other. If you understand this simple point as a salesperson, why not be the seducer rather than getting seduced by the customer(Begging)?

How does a salesperson seduce his customers?

  1. Talk in a way that is “Conversational, Authentic and Intimate”.
  2. Lace facts with story and communicate through storytelling only.
  3. Speak in “Active” voice (No “passive” voice please) on the Promise-Proof-Price loop.
  4. Always have a “Call to Action” statement
  5. Entice(look and feel), Enrich( Shared values and principles) and Enable(comfort and convenience to the life of) customers
  6. Resonate the values exhibited by your audience
  7. Run an awesome customer loyalty program
  8. Ask questions that invigorate dreams of the customer.
  9. Competition analysis is an ongoing process.
  10. Its a theatre with curtains drawn always. Do not miss the “Love at First Sight” visitors.

Let me try and use these 10 points and draw an analogy between a lover trying to seduce his beloved.

  • First impression is the last impression : One must be ready always because you never know when you may be required to seduce someone. The smile that you wear and the sales kit that you carry should be on “Ever ready” mode.
  • Love at First Sight : This happens and maybe it can happen between you and your next prospect. Never lose your “sale worthiness” by always being ready to sell.
  • Avoid one night stands : Loyalty alone cannot prevent this. You got to be aware of the competition and keep the same at bay.
  • Live happily ever after : No relationship is devoid of “good” and “bad”. Empower yourself to handle customer complaints and grievances and learn from them whenever you can if you must continue to seduce your customers always.
  • Till death do we part : This is only possible if you have an awesome loyalty program and implement the same in letter and spirit. Booster doses in the form of “Retention drives” is very important once in a while.
  • Dreaded affairs : Love affairs can happen and your customers may leave you for your competition because the latter will churn them. You got to have a solid churn management program to avoid dreaded affairs.

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