Salespersons Serve with a Smile

The salesperson is expected to serve with a smile despite the number of rejections that they encounter during the course of their work. One has to fake a smile or it is seemingly impossible unless they educate themselves on the reason(s) for the smile. Let me share why I smile whenever I encounter a rejection under different circumstances.

  1. Customer says “No, I do not want your product or service”. I smile because every customer that I have closed an order in my life always started by saying ” No”. I actually hear a “Yes” when a customer says “No” and hence the smile.
  2. Customer says ” Your price is too high”. I smile because the price can be high only when it is compared to something else and the customer finds my price high even without comparing it with something else.
  3. Customer says “Your service levels are not reliable”. I smile because the customer assumes that my services are not reliable even without availing the same. I smile even more because even when I worked with some of the best service organisations in the world the customer still had the same cribbing. I smile now because I am sure that it is in the customer psychology to raise questions on your service levels , no matter how good you are.
  4. Customer always asks for a price discount. I smile because I visualise the moment when the customer was taking birth and God wishpering in his ears that ” I hereby bequeath this right upon you to ask discount from every salesperson!”

Ever since I have understood the right reasons to smile, no customer can ever frustrate me. I now smile for my own reason and serve my customers with a smile. Nothing is fake anymore.

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