Salespersons Dream of this Boss


It is always a great fortune to be mentored into the function of selling by a great boss who does everything other than “bossing around” with the salesperson. Let me share a check list with you. If you positively tick more than 70% in this , count yourself as a “Dream Boss” for all salespersons

1. You as a role model

  • You are punctual
  • You love making sales calls
  • You practice whatever you preach
  • You are ahead when it comes to taking team blames
  • You never take personal credit for any spark of brilliance shown by any salesperson in your team
  • You do share lighter moments with your team, on duty as well as off duty
  • You use the words “Sorry” and “Thank you” with your team members
  • You help your team members achieve their sales targets
  • You are fearless while making sales call.

2. You as a sales person

  • You do prospecting every day and open new accounts for salespersons to attack.
  • You coach at least one salesperson of your team everyday by practically showing them how to sell” by live performance.
  • You conduct “role plays” on selling with your team everyday
  • Your “Need Analysis skills” and “Objection Handling skills” are impeccable
  • You demonstrate that you can close orders to your sales team

3. You as a BOSS

  • You administer the dosage of “Kiss” and “Kick” to the sales team every efficiently
  • You anchor the sales team internally and shield them from any external threats
  • You spend time with new salespersons inducting them and non performing salespersons before terminating them on the sales field.
  • You incentivise deliverable of the sales process and taken responsibility of Sales results yourself.
  • You represent the sales team to management in case they are not treated well by the latter. You are the advocate of your sales team.

Friends, you cannot be a trapeze artist and fear jumping on a trapeze. Lead from front. If you hate making sales calls just because you are too senior for the same, it only means that you are denigrating the profession of sales. I have never seen a jeweler who hates gold nor have I seen a cobbler who hates shoes. I do however see a lot of Sales Managers around who hate the act of selling. This is not done. Let us love our work!

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