Salespersons are Selfish & Hungry

Selfish (What is in it for me?) and Hunger ( How much is enough?) are two guiding principles of any successful sales professional.

What is in it for me?

How do you generate leads from “Whats in it for me” marketing?

If the salesperson goes to each of the following categories of Target group and asks this questions “Whats in it for me?”, I am sure the vistas of lots of new avenues for lead generation will open.

How much is enough in Sales?

For sure, its never enough. The hunger for more cannot die in a salesperson. The day it does, you cease to be a salesperson. No milestone is final. There is always the next milestone in life.

If you are a sales professional and you are not selfish or hungry, the former is a lie. Welcome to the world of sales!

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