Salesperson Must Listen Well

We have heard this many times in Sales – “Talk Less, Listen More”.

What should we do to be able to achieve this deliverable in Sales?.

  1. Answer a question with a relevant question always.
  2. Learn to ask open ended questions to your customers.
  3. Start enjoying the journey of “arriving at the truth” rather than “telling the truth.”
  4. Practice the soft skill of asking questions in “half broken sentences” to the customer. The latter fill in the blanks for you and feel more comfortable.
  5. Do not stop customers download, even if they are entirely wrong
  6. For active listening , look into the customers eyes. They normally don’t utter what they want to say but beat around the bush purely because of lack of communication skills at their end.

The most aggressive salesperson is a thing of the past. Now we look for “Silent and Aggressive Salesperson”.

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