Salesman’s New Year Resolutions in 2018

new year fresh start

The tribe of salesmen on Earth also do make New Year Resolutions. This blog is to guide them towards making a healthy resolution which can be sustained towards fulfillment sales training.

Everyday is the strongest building block of a salesman. Let us resolve to make our every day strong and robust. Results will follow!

  1. Early to bed and early to rise will make me healthy, wealthy and wise.
  2. I will fix up my MNOC/day(Min no of calls/day) for meeting new prospects and fulfill my MNOC every day without fail in Sales Management Training.
  3. I will prepare a Daily Sales Report(DSR) every day. This is for my own analysis and not because my boss insists on the same.
  4. Customer complaints will receive top most priority for me every day.
  5. I will keep 30 minutes apart every day to think on the topic “My Sales Possibility Tomorrow”.
  6. I will prepare, update and track my Sales Funnel Management every day. This is with reference to Reference Selling, Cross Selling, Up-Selling, CRM Sales, Complaint Desk sales and Digital Selling.
  7. I will read every day for one hour about the best practices in Sales Management across the world.

Try this 7 pointer pill as a New Year Resolution and feel free to contact me for any further clarification on the same sales strategy.

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