Salesmans karma isn’t “to sell”!

krma of sales

Don’t Sell, Customers will Buy!

A chef does not eat the food he makes, a fashion designer does not wear the clothes they design, a cobbler does not wear the shoes they make, a dancer does not watch their own dance live. Why does a salesman try to sell?

I expect the sales consultant to do the following, necessarily in the same sequence

a) Suspect to open new market segments

b) Prospect to find new leads sales growth

c) Conduct needs analysis of customer and handles objections raised by the customer

d) Justify the cost of the offering to the prospective customer

e) Serve the customer with a smile

f) Keep in touch with the customer even after the sale

g) Leverage customer relationships to monetise lifetime value of customer

In this entire process, there is no point where you are trying to sell. As a salesman, just follow the different steps and leave it to the customer on when he wants to buy sales training.

Remember, the customer will buy only when the following three things apply to him

a) Need and relevance to buy

b) Urgency to buy

c) Capability to buy

None of these three things is in the hands of the salesman. So why try to force a sale. This reminds me of the famous Sanskrit couplet:

“Karmanidhikarastey Maphalesu Kadachana”

Just do your work, and wait for results to come. Results will not come by forcing results but by just doing your karmas of sale!

I strongly advise my sales professionals to stop asking for results without completing their sales karmas. This sales training programs definitely does not mean that one should be any less aggressive. Nevertheless, learn to be aggressive on your karmas and the customer’s karmas. It is the customer’s karma “to buy” and not the salesman’s karma “to sell”!

What is the karma of salesman?

To facilitate sales and not “to sell”!

Dear Salesmen, Please change your mindset from being a seller to someone who facilitates sales

The salesman’s karma is not to sell but to facilitate sales.

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