Salesman doesn’t know the Answer

Salespersons are not expected to know the right answers before they go for the sales call. I have found a lot of salesperson nervous before making the sales call. When encountered , they said that they are nervous because they do not have enough product knowledge to be able to answer all the questions that the prospect is expected to pose during the sales call.

This nervousness is not correct all. Why?

Because, I do not expect the best salesperson to know the right answer and even have the feeling that they know the right answer.

A good salesperson always finds the inputs toward framing the right answer.

This is their job.

Let me give you an example to elucidate what I am trying to communicate. Lets say Jack, the salesperson in this case, is making a sales call to pitch for a Mercedes Limousine. He encounters his high profile customer and the latter starts- Customer: Yes Jack , what is that you want to offer to me?

Jack: Sir, you are so big and great. What can I offer to you? Only if you could tell me the features and benefits that you look for in your next limousine, will I be able to guide you in the same.

Customer: I want x, y and z benefits.

Jack: Thank you sir. If we can provide you x, y and z benefits should I consider the deal closed?

Customer: Maybe……

In this case if Jack would be nervous before the call, that he does not know all the features of BMW limousine, Toyota limousine and many others, will it not be stupid of him to think so??????

Remember , we as salespeople are not supposed to give the right answers even if we know them. We ask the customers about their choice and than see if our product or service can accommodate them or not.

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