Sales is in the Salesman’s mind.

This is a very cliche statement often heard in the corridors of companies which delve with the function of sales. It is not uncommon for people to feel that when everything to the function of sales is “external” to the salesman, how come the end result is related to the “internal” state of his mind.

Let us look at the following questions and ask ourselves if they have anything to do with the “external” world:

  1. Irrespective of what is happening in the “external” world, any salesperson in the world will get 1 good enquiry if he meets “X” no of prospects in the market. Isn’t it?

a) The prospect met must belong to the TG (Target Group) pre defined by marketer

b) The “X” no of prospects must be met in the same conditions of date and market

2. Whenever you meet a prospect, like a doctor, the salesman must try to find out more about the prospect rather than trying to push his product down the prospect’s throat. Isn’t it?

(The art of storytelling is known to all good salesperson on earth)

3. Whether the “external” market is good or bad, as a salesman I must meet “X” no of new contacts everyday without fail. Isn’t it?

4. Whenever a salesperson makes a sale, he tries to study if some cross selling options could also sell, either now or later onwards. Isn’t it?

(The art of cross selling is known to all good salespersons on earth)

5. Once a salesperson is able to keep a customer happy for 6 months, he knows for sure that this happy customer will give him 3 more references as good prospects for future business. Isn’t it?

(The art of reference selling must be known to all good salespersons on earth)

6. The salesperson knows that 68% of customers do not give repeat business if we don’t bother to keep in touch with them , take care of them and ensure that they hold us in good esteem always. Isn’t it?

(Romancing with the customer)

7. The salesperson knows that complaints from customers is very vital and must be welcomed and treated like a gift. Isn’t it?

(Complaint handling and customer service recovery)

8. The salesman knows it very well that the game of selling is all about giving the victory podium to the customer and smile quietly while the customer writes down the cheque in your name to buy what he has decided for himself.

9. The customer is more excited to “Buy” than the salesman is to “Sell”. Isn’t it?

10. The salesman ensures that every sales call made by him in his life is duly entered and analysed in a database management system everday.

(Dashboards, Funnels and Reports)

None of the above 10 questions need to look at the external world to seek its answer. They can all be answered by a salesman who have them in his or her belief system. You either believe in them or you don’t. Either ways, there is no need to get afraid of the “external” world. Its only your internal world that will decide your ability to do the sale.

I strongly believe that “Sales is all in the mind.”

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