Sales person are not “Jhootha kahin ka”

“Liars have a big nose which sticks out to announce that he is a liar.”

I often find that this stigma is attached to salespersons. For sure it is totally out of place and with malice. Why should salespersons lie? What is the need for salespersons to lie? If some of them do, it cannot be generalized for the whole profession.

Let us look into this general blame that people caste on salespersons. Why?

  1. Salespersons are able to camouflage truths well.
  2. Salespersons are glib talkers and hence never allow customers to ask the truth.
  3. Salespersons try to convince the customer, anyhow by hook or by crook.
  4. Salesperson is like a leech. Once he sits on you he is bound to suck your blood.
  5. Salespersons have no option but to tell lies to give a rosy picture to customers.

If by chance, you as a salesperson believe or practice any of the 5 sentences above, for sure you do not deserve to be a member of this community of professional salespersons.

You are sick and must consult a professional sales psychotherapist or a sales professional for help. We are not “Jhootha kahin ka” for sure!

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