Sales Opportunity Hunting


All salespersons on mother Earth is always hunting for good opportunities to sell and do more business. The billion dollar questions is

Where do you find sales opportunities?

If there was an address where one could locate sales opportunities, I am sure our tribe of sales professionals would have climbed Mountain Everest everyday for seeking the same.

Opportunity is always the shadow of a problem.

1.People who run away from a “Problem” will never be able to find “Opportunity”. People who run towards a Problem will always find “Opportunity” as its shadow. You attack and solve a problem. Every time you do it, you get a new sales opportunity.

2. All sales professionals who know how to manage their sales pipeline will always ensure that the opportunities hidden in the pipeline never goes waste.








3. Sales professionals are required to track “Missed opportunities” rather than only looking for new opportunities and keep on missing them when you encounter them.

4. Sales professionals who are able to facilitate the following are also able to create new sales opportunities for themselves:

  1. Shopping made easy
  2. Inspiring customers to buy
  3. Better choices for the customer


I would be glad to hear more ideas from the salespersons out there on linked in. Lets make the job of hunting for sales opportunities easier for salespersons in general.

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