Sales Negotiation X-Change Kit

Sales Negotiation

Sales Negotiations can become very frustrating when the customer starts demanding his pound of flesh from a salesperson who has already given whatever he had to offer. This naked salesperson can only plead for mercy or beg for the order in a hopeless situation Sales Strategy.

It is important to note here that the salesperson need not say “YES” to every demand of the customer on a negotiation table. It may not always be possible for the salesperson to say “NO” to the demands of the customer.

What does the salesperson do in such cases?

The salesperson should gear himself up with a Sales Negotiation X-Change Kit. This contains a list of “If- Then” statements crafted together to cater to every possible demand of the customer Sales Training.


1. If you want us to give you a discount of 20%, Then we will have to withdraw the extended warranty clause from the deal.

2. If you want us to bear the cost of freight, Then we will need a minimum order size of one truck load.

3. If you want us to give accessories free of cost, Then we will take your order confirmation for the next quarter instead of one month.

If the salesperson designs the X-change kit judiciously, the discussion on the Sales Negotiation table becomes very simple and authoritative Sales Process.

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