In my practice as a Sales Coach and Mentor , I have come across the following most common symptoms in customers who suffer from “Salophobia”:

  1. Inability to recruit the right salespersons that could be retained in the system to deliver desirable results.
  2. Every day sales management practices were either misunderstood or not understood at all.
  3. The Target Group(TG) of customers were not profiled by a methodical process of market segmentation and understanding of customer buying behavior.
  4. The MNOC(Min no of calls / day) was not established as a sacrosanct figure in the sales management system of the company.
  5. Salespersons in the sales team did not have the privilege of field sales coaching. Hence no hand holding was done on the filed for the sales team.
  6. The sales team was not mentored to follow a structured Sales Process.
  7. There was a total lack of customer centricity in the entire team leading to a strong belief that quality production will automatically seek a good market.
  8. There was no time with anyone to pursue concepts of Customer Relationship Management(CRM) and Customer Service Recovery.
  9. The practice of Reference Selling and Cross Selling was not there in the sales team.
  10. Rewards and Recognition(R&R) was not done through a scientific process of understanding new business development, sales figures and customer satisfaction index thereby leading to rewarding only sales numbers and not the entire spectrum of sales metrics.
  11. Top Management is just not interested in pursuing anything in sales function and wants to outsource everything, if possible.
  12. The quantum of new lead generation is poor leading to a chocked Sales Funnel.
  13. The Sales Closing ratio is poor.
  14. The sales team in unable to convert a customer into a life time customer with a structured process of customer engagement.
  15. Practice of Sales as a function is limited to office timings. Sales must be a religion and practiced 24 x 7

While most of these points can be countered by consulting pills, if you do not treat “Sales” as a religion in your organisation there is need for a major surgery!

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