Sale is complete with Payment

Many sales persons, especially in Industrial Selling where the sales cycles are long, tend to believe that once order is received the job of Sales Dept is over. Subsequently if payment is delayed they try to blame the service departments for the same.

You may be lucky to be working in an organisation which gives cognizance of sales numbers despite the fact that payment has not come but do not fool yourself into this. You are a liability to the company if any order booked by you does not culminate into payment.

To be able to do this, apart from the good acts of service and delivery teams, the salesperson needs to advocate for the customer on one hand and represent the seller on the other. Do you do this? If yes,

a) How do you walk the tightrope of an advocate for the customer as well as represent the seller?

b) What process do you follow for this?

c) How much priority do you give to this act?

d) Is this an everyday activity for you?

e) What are the skill sets in a salesperson to be able to do this job well?


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