Ram and Ravana inside Salespersons

I often look upon the salesman as a Ram bestowed with additional powers of Krishna and Durga. Well today being Ramnavami, let us look at the Ram and Ravana aspect of a Sales Consultant.

The Ram like aspects of a Salespersons

1. Reviews target every day in the evening while closing.
2. Reviews RRR (Required Run Rate) every morning while planning for the day.
3. Strives hard to fulfil his MNOC(Min no of calls) / day norm every day.
4. Believes that more sales calls will give more closed Sales Strategy.
5. Believes and ensures that daily sales reports are filled every day. This is important for self-analysis.
6. Never speaks ill about a competitor to a customer. Nevertheless, he always carries full information about each competitor possible.
7. The salesman’s mind is always prospecting and therefore seeking sales leads.
8. We always respect and give space to all fellow salespersons in this world. The “Givers gain” philosophy works for every salesman.
9. Never wastes a single opportunity to get references for new customers from existing customers or contacts.
10.He always leads a great life because no other professional in his circle can earn so much name and fame as a salesperson.

The Ravana like aspects of a Salesperson

1. No one in this world has ever successfully cheated a salesman. He will bounce back.
2. Never ill treat a salesman just because he isn’t reacting. He will give it back to you in a manner that you cannot handle.
3. Customers who do not pay their salesmen on time, lose three times of the same money in their own lifetime.
4. Customers who squeeze a salesman so much on prices that there is hardly anything left for the salesman to earn are bound to suffer similar losses in their own business Sales Growth.
5. No one in this world has ever been able to digest any money that rightfully belongs to the salesman.

On this day of Ramnavami, I wish a very happy Ram inside every salesman and recommend all customers to stay away from the Ravana inside every salesman.


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