Quack Sales Trainers

Don’t learn sales from non salespersons

I have seen lots of Sales Trainers who have actually never sold anything in their life. They just take the following statement too seriously and become Sales Trainers : “Everyone in this world is a salesperson and all of us always keep selling”. While this statement is very true , you need to understand that even if you have inadvertently sold something to someone this only means that you have lived sales for those moments. This surely does not give you the license to become a sales trainer because as a trainer your pedagogy is expected to share both the science and art of selling. Isn’t it?

Have you ever seen a

  1. A fish trying to teach a dog how to run fast.
  2. A trapeze artist who fears leaping to the trapeze.
  3. A swimming coach who has never gone to the water.
  4. A music teacher who cannot practically differentiate between a Sa and Ma.
  5. A fitness coach who is obese himself.

How the hell do you accept a Sales Trainer who has never been actively into Selling? By doing this you are inviting the following trouble to yourself :

  1. These self taught and self proclaimed Sales Trainers will never be able to explain to you the science of Selling. They will only harp on the art of selling. The former is vital and the latter is desirable. How can you survive on desirable traits without having the vital ones?
  2. You learn either by doing or by seeing others do or by listening to others. The second category of people do not gain any thing from such book taught Sales Trainers.
  3. These incomplete Sales Trainers are at best only able to half fry the salespersons and leave them to fend for themselves in the market. Some do, others rot with time.

I am very passionate about my profession and do not at all like the idea of any one creating semi cooked salespersons on earth.

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