Prospect Everyday in Sales

It is cool to be in Sales and practice the function of “Prospecting” everyday.

What are the advantages of Prospecting everyday?

  1. Pipeline of “leads” is never dry.
  2. Frustration of “yesterday” does not speak on “today”
  3. Helps you keep your ear close to the ground
  4. Probability of making a “sale” everyday goes high
  5. Understanding of old Beats and Route maps continuously gets updated
  6. Your sales figures will always far exceed the targets set for you
  7. Ability to “kill your own prey” will give you the “tiger” status in your sales team
  8. You will become a role model for your sales team
  9. Slowly you will have enough to feed yourself as well as your colleagues in the team. Time for you to now become a “Sales Manager”

Even God cannot stop the success of a Salesperson who Prospects everyday.

The smartest salesperson with the best product knowledge cannot be successful in sales if he does not prospect everyday.

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