No One Knows it Better

The customer who is trying to buy a product or service at the other end of the spectrum perhaps knows it best but the question which I want to raise here is that in the overall bargain, “No one, but the salesperson knows it better!”

What exactly are we talking about here?

I am not talking about the customer’s need, nor am I talking about the salespersons offering. Well, I don’t intend to talk here about the right price at which the customer should buy nor do I have any intention to talk about the “value for money” proposition that everyone professes a salesperson to advocate. No I am not at all trying to talk about the quality or the quantity or the hidden agenda of the salesperson or the desires of the customer.

My question is very simple. Whenever a salesperson starts a sales call, he knows the following best:

” Am I with a prospect who will buy my product today?”

The proverbial tactics of conducting need analysis and handling objections correctly will follow suit. But all this is preceded by a feeling in the mind of the salesperson which suggests that he is talking to the right person.

It is the salesperson who knows it best whether he is conversing with a prospect which has all the reasons to become a customer today.

If this is true, the only thing which a salesperson can do every day is make a lot of sales calls so that the probability of coming across a person who fits your product and vice versa is very high.

Shall we say, it is all about maximizing the number of sales calls that you make every day. The salesperson surely know it best.

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