No is the best answer in Sales

The function of Sales came into existence because customer does first say No to any sale. Salesmanship is the effort made to convert the No to Yes wherever possible.

Proud to be a Salesman

Salespersons that are not proud of their profession often look like beggars to a customer.Pride shows. Salespersons have three choices to chose from: Beg, Borrow or Sell!

Need Analysis of a customer

Need is a fallacy. Customers have desires which a salesperson calls a need and makes the customers aware of the same

The Four Objections of a customer: Objection no 1 No I do not want this product

Embed your need analysis as a reply to the objection. Your call will always be on track. Never argue or debate with the customer.

The Four Objections of a customer: Objection no 2 Why is the price of product so high?

Price is always a range till customers demand becomes a Point

The Four Objections of a customer: Objection no 3 Why is your service so poor?

It is suicidal to try and solve some old service related problems of the customer at this stage. Ask for service expectations.

The Four Objections of a customer: Objection no 4 Why is the discount so poor?

Discounts never close an order. At best discounts delay order because customer is not sure whether they have received the best discount.

Sales Negotiations

Negotiation will always happen in ZOPA provided you know your BATNA.

Customer does not buy a Price. They buy a solution to mitigate a Risk.

To be smart in negotiation, you Lose to Win!

Price is only one of the many discounts that you can give to the customer Lose to win!

Whats your BATNA?

Understand ZOPA.

Mitigate Risk.

Price discount is bad.

Negotiation X-change Kit.

Not important to win all.

Closing skills

There is no great time to close an order. You should always be in closing mood.

Part Close.

ABC. (Always Bent on Closing)

Closing Kit.

Customer is excited to buy.

Learn Part closing!

Reference selling

Every satisfied customer in your system will give you minimum 3 references within a vintage of 6 months.

Happy Customer = 3 Leads

30% sales from references

Cross Selling

An extra effort in cross selling gives supernormal sales by increasing average ticket size of sales.

Sell Polish with Shoes.

Sell Pizza with cheese.


You must have some means of guesstimating the Wallet size of the customer.

Climb Value chain.

Sales Karmas

Good karmas in Sales does give good dividends in Business!

Sales Karma pays!

Romancing with the customer

Falling in love is very similar to Selling. A wrong intention will not carry you long in this journey.

Fall in love.

No conditions apply!

Service is a spirit.

The Journey from Price to Value

If you reduce Price from Value you will get Lifestyle and Convenience.

Price +

Convenience +

Energy saving +

Lifestyle =

= Value

Customer Centricity

All of us in this world are salespersons as well as customers. We are always either selling or buying!

Customers perspective is final.

Some Customers are more important than others.

Customer Service Recovery

Retaining an existing customer is 80% cheaper than acquiring a new customer.

Attrition damages bottom line.

Both Retention & Acquisition.

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