Lost Opportunities in Sales

I’m amazed at salespersons who make a sale and move on to the next prospect. I challenge you to carefully (and honestly) look at your customer list. I’ll bet that there are hundreds of opportunities to sell something.

The advantage that you have with these old customers are as follows:

1. They know you and respect.

2. They like you. (hopefully)

3. You have already established a connect with them.

4. Credibility has been built.

5. They are already using your product or service.

6. Your mobile no is installed on their mobiles.

7. They will be more receptive to your presentation and ideas.

8. Your need analysis of the customer is already done, in general.

9. You have already mapped the natural market of the customer.

10. You can afford to relax payment terms ,as the case may be because you now dealing with a known devil.

Now is the time to leverage on these old clients with any or all of the following:

  1. Sell something new.
  2. Sell an upgrade.
  3. Sell them more of the same in a different place.
  4. Cross Sell

5. Invite your customers for lunch to get references and try selling to their referrals.

Remember, every customer has a LTV (Life Time Value). It is for us to realise the same from old customers. Never forget a customer after selling him once.

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