Lord Krishna is a Salesperson

In Hindu mythology, there are many incarnations of God and it is seen that each one represent a core competency. For example, Lord Durga epitomises Shakti whereas Lord Hanuman symbolises faithfulness and power. Similarly Goddess Saraswati represents Knowledge whereas Goddess Lakshmi professes wealth.

I can very confidently say that in this series of Hindu Gods and Goddesses, Lord Krishna represents the spirit of Salespersons! He is the God of all salespersons on Earth. It is therefore imperative to understand the guidelines of Lord Krishna from the perspective of sales.

  1. Understand the reality of the world of sales
    • More calls, More Sales. (You have to reject more of unwanted prospects after meeting them to be able to meet the one you are looking for)
    • Make new calls every day. (Yesterdays meetings feed your sales funnel today. Today’s meeting will fuel your growth tomorrow)
    • Must go to field to understand ground reality every day. (Change is permanent. You got to monitor the evolving change in your market)
  2. Understand the reality of Yourself as a salesperson
    • You will never answer a question with an answer. ( Your need mindset will always ask a relevant question as an answer to any question put to you by anyone)
    • You will always encourage your prospects to talk more. Your job is to listen more.
    • You will never waste precious field sales calling time by doing anything else
  3. Restrain your sense(desires and aspirations behind an action) to achieve stability of mind
    • Pleasure and Pain are two sides of the same coin. The pleasure of “Sales” comes only after the pain of “making more and more sales calls”. ( if you can at all call it a pain)
    • Do not make a sales call with a view to make a sale. Sales is a by-product which will happen if you are making the right sales call to the right person at the right time.
  4. Cultivate “Budhi” (Sales Budhi)
    • to understand the difference between “truth” and “untruth”
      • A prospect who is very courteous to you at the beginning of a sales call will never give you a sale today
      • A prospect who argues on the Price a lot is very keen to buy your product or service
      • A prospect who asks for a discount has mentally decided to be your customer
      • A customer who is not very excited before purchasing a product will not buy it
      • A customer who takes the pain of complaining to you is an angel
      • Customer Relationship Management follows a science which is beyond good behaviour and sweet smiles.
      • ………………. Many more.
    • To be able to differentiate between true self and false self
      • True self : You are dead as a salesperson if you do not make the required no of sales calls every day
      • False self – You are dead as a salesperson if you do not achieve your sales target for the month
    • To realise the divine qualities in you vis a vis the demonic feelings that come in you
      • Divine – You can guide the customer towards maximising his usage from your product
      • Demonic – You will somehow fit your hat on his head and forget about him for life
  5. Know the nature of action and inaction. Perform your action without
    • Desires
    •  Attachment
    • Seeking fruits of action
  6. Feel the supreme self within you
    • Locate a Sales Coach and Mentor ( Role Model)
    • Surrender yourself totally to supreme power of Guru
  7. Attain “Sattva” (Purity)
    • Mastery of 6 and 7 above will give you total purity in the field of Sales

Hello, fellow salespersons and Krishna mates. Understand your power and unleash the same to this world. Krishna is watching you to fill up your sales report card for today!

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