Looking for a job is an employment

When you are looking for a job you are very much employed, isn’t it? The question here is whether you take this employment in the right spirit or do you sulk while looking for a job.

Let me explain why you should take the process of looking for a job as an employment in itself.

1. You got to get on to the job of hunting for prospective employers on time. (Same time that you would have left your house if you were employed)

2. Your dress should be as formal as possible since the only job that you would have today is give interviews!

3. You got to package yourself well, since you have to sell your candidature to all and sundry today. This is very similar to the way you would have packaged your proposals to your boss , had it been that you were employed in an office somewhere.

4. Everything that you want your way does not really happen. This is again very similar to what happens to you in an office if you were to be employed there.

5. Stop hunting for a job roughly around the same time that you would have left office if you were to be employed somewhere. Just because you are hunting for a job does not give you the privilege to close early from the wild goose chase.

6. Analyse your day that has gone and plan for the next day that will be as an unemployed person looking for a job. This is again very similar to what you would have done if you were employed somewhere.

Things do not really change. Retain the same positive attitude to work , employed or unemployed. You will realise very soon that getting a good job was actually not that difficult as you thought it to be.

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