Learnings from Ganesh Pooja for Salespersons

In most parts of the country where Ganesha Pooja is celebrated, we did “Visarjan” of Lord Ganesha idol yesterday after having basked in the glory of the same for last 10 days.

Salespersons have something to learn from everything. My learnings are postulated below:

  • Events do bring even those people in contact with each other who normally do not meet. (Apart from making sales calls, salespersons must organise some event or get together periodically to ensure better prospect interface)
  • The “Aarti” during Ganesh Poojas is the highlight of the day where maximum attendance is there and full dedication to purpose is there. (In every Sales event or get togethers a similar highpoint should be created to maximise footfall and prospect involvement)
  • Even if all the activities of the day during Ganesha Pooja is routine, it does not get boring even for 10 days. (Sales event should also be extended for a period rather than for a finite time depending on budgets and logistics arrangement)
  • All participants of a community doing Ganesh Pooja together contribute to a common kitty. When people believe in the advantages of a get together they can pay for attending the same. (Sales events may not necessarily be sponsored by the brand. Prospects can pay for such meetings if they believe in the advantages to them from the same)
  • The “prasadam” of Ganesh pooja is willingly shared with more and more people. (Sales events should have the provision of a “prasad” which prospect should feel like sharing with others within the same TG

These 5 points come to my mind. I am sure once the readers of this blog introspect further, each one of you can add further to this list.

Wish you all a very happy Ganesh Chatoorthi!

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