“Jab we Meet” our Dealer

In Channel of Distribution mode of selling, very often the Sales Manager is not very clear on his precise role when he visits the dealer. The following checklist will help you conduct your dealer visits well:

  1. Check physical stock to calculate “Tertiary Sale” at the given counter and ensure that the next “Secondary” sale to the dealer is at least equivalent to the “Tertiary” just calculated.
  2. Visual Merchandising status
  3. “Counter share” for your brand vis a vis other competitors (Category wise and SKU wise)
  4. The counter boy should be well trained on your products and its USP.
  5. Collect all possible secondary data from the dealer. e.g. a CP and bathroom fitting dealer should be able to give list of plumbers, architects, builders and civil contractors
  6. Discuss and assess dealers involvement in your business. If his mindset is not there, he will never do good business for your products.
  7. Collaborate with dealer to understand ways and means of increasing your business at his counter in this quarter. He knows it best!
  8. Listen to all the dealers outstanding woes.e.g. pending credit notes etc
  9. BTL activities status for your brand and also for competing brands.
  10. ATL plans of the company in future.

When you are in the mode of Channel of Distribution Selling, beyond a point that you have already established your dealer network, it is more a function of regularly meeting your dealer (channel partner) and ensuring that your goods and services are made available for further distribution to the consumer.

Next time you visit your dealer, keep this checklist in mind and intimate to me whether it helped. You are free to further add or delete to this list so that all of us in Channel Sales learn from the same.

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