How To Do Time Management in Sales

Time management in sales

Time is the most valuable resource available with the sales professional and therefore they have to master the art of managing time in their professional pursuit of the function of sales.

Where does a salesperson often waste time in Sales?

  1. Meeting prospects without a route plan leading to a high “Mean Time Between Calls”. (MTBC High)
  2. Trying to convince a prospect anyhow by entering into a debate.
  3. Investing any time with a prospect that does not start the sales call with a “No”.
  4. By thinking too much about sales in the office and doing very little in the field.
  5. By attending too many sales meetings in the office and left with little time to go to the field.


What should be the time allocation of a salesman everyday on weekdays?

Every Saturday should be invested in Learning and Development as well as self-introspection and internal assessment.

Sunday must be a compulsory off. (For some cos. a weekday off is given depending on the nature of product sold and target market)



Work allocation

7 am

8 am

Prepare day’s movement plan and share the same with all stakeholders

10 am

11 am

Reporting in office

11 am

11:15 am

Hit the sales field for sales calls

11:15 am

1:15 pm

First sales call route of the day

(New Calls only)

1:15 am

2: 00 pm

Lunch and Rest time

(Should not go home for lunch)

2:00 pm

5:00 pm

  • Follow up sales calls.
  • Handle Congregations

5:00 pm

5:30 pm

Reach office from sales field

(Should not going to house directly from field even if the house of salesman is in a given area)

5:30 pm

6:00 pm

Reporting in office

6:30 pm

8:00 pm


Follow up difficult sales cases on phone or in person.

9:30 pm

10:00 pm

Reading, YouTube videos, AV before going to bed

The salesman should Focus on Important but Not Urgent activities in life

Salesman's time management approach

To be able to focus on the box no 2 shown above, the salesperson must do the following

  1. Critical Thinking
  2. Opportunity assessments
  3. Relationship Building
  4. Planning for decisions and not for analysis alone
  5. Recreation old solutions into new avenues
  6. Training, learning and development
  7. Brainstorming


Sense of urgency in sales

For best time management in sales, try to avoid techniques used to create a sense of urgency. I would rather do things that foster a sense of purpose for a team. This becomes more important for a Sales Manager.

1 hour of Field Time > 1 hour in Sales

Every minute counts in Sales. It is even more important to understand that the value of one minute from 11 am to 5 pm (Sales Field Time) in India is more valuable than the other time invested in office or house.

-> What is the value of your one hour in general?
-> What is the value of your one hour in peak work timings in the stores/sales field?
-> What is the value of your one hour when in office?
-> What is the value of your one hour when in the house?

If you cannot measure it, you cannot improve it!

Let us start measuring each of the above metrics once in a quarter so that we will know where to improve further on our own time management.

Do you follow up too much with one prospect?

This generally happens when your sales pipeline is not robust. If you have very few prospects in your sales pipeline, you are bound to waste your time following up too much with a prospect, sometimes to the point of frustrating them to the point of order cancellation!

Do you find yourself investing too much time in office?

This happens to salespersons that think a lot and visit the field very little. ( I am discounting here those salespersons who are looking for an excuse not to work)

Sales are not about too much thinking. It is all about doing. Just do it!

Do you end up too much time in service/relationship building calls?

Do not allow the Mother Teresa in you to overpower the Durga inside you. You should not allot more than 30% of your total time in “Serving” and at least 70% of your time in “Selling”. Everything is important but selling is your professional and hence vital for you.

The Rotter – Covey Square

The Rotter – Covey SquareThis theory will help you in concentrating on the Green “Do it” box more than anything else.

The Square of Epictetus

The Square of Epictetus

The “Accomplishment” box comes out of the convergence of all “High concern” items plotted against the “High Control” items in your sales life.

Build the square of Epictetus for yourself.

How does one create a daily To-Do list?

You can make use of this priority matrix table below to arrive at your daily To-Do list.

To do list for salesman

The importance of Self Discipline in Time Management for Salespersons

The following 5 cardinal rules for Self-discipline is easier said than followed. Nevertheless, they should be your lighthouses if you want to discipline self.

Discipline of time management in sales

Finally, there is one word which has always helped me in maintaining my self-discipline and I would like to share the same with all of you there who aspire to manage your time well.

start doing now in sales

Let us look at ways and means of doing things “Now” rather than “Later”, “Next” or “Tomorrow”! All the best.

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