Holi colours for Salespersons.


The Hindu festival of Holi has a lot to teach to sales professionals. In fact, our forefathers who started the culture of Holi understood the core concepts of Customer Relationship Management so well. May be the management gurus took a leaf out of our forefathers and launched the concepts of CRM and Customer Service for all of us.

Lets look at some of the core concepts of CRM that we find in Holi festival.

  1. Meet and greet all that you know, including our enemies and foes.

It is a great idea to have a week assigned every quarter where we meet and greet all our customers, present and past including lost customers.

2. Feed sweets and exchange goodies with people on Holi.

We should apportion a marketing budget,however small, and use the same to throw a party for our customers at pre defined periodicity. These are occasions when we do not talk sales but do marketing and brand building.

3. Do something distasteful (applying colours) and for a moment become frank and honest to each other.

Choose a time of the year, where you go and meet your A and B category customers and say “Sorry”. Of course , before going you will do an introspective study of each account and will decide on a vital reason to say “Sorry”.

4. Take out your old clothes and don’t care about their getting spoilt or bad.

Once in a while, in business you must look at your old non moving stocks and make a conscious attempt to dispose them rather than hoarding the same.

5. Drink and party hard on Holi.

It is important in Sales to take out some time and let your hair fall down to avoid burnout. “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.”

On the occasion of this Holi , I dedicate these 5 concepts of CRM to all sales professionals. Let us practice these 5 steps in our respective sales.

Wish you a very happy holi!

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