Help Purchase, Don’t Sell!


This is a very old dilemma in the minds of salespersons – “To sell or To help Purchase!”

For me, trying to sell something is a fruitless exercise for a salesperson. What all should I do as a salesperson , if I am trying to help my customers purchase?

How can I help my prospects purchase?

  1. Firstly, I need to know what exactly my prospect wants. (Need is a myth)
  2. I conduct a SWOT analysis of his “want” to understand the reason behind his want becoming acute.
  3. I present choices before the customer, even if I were to present my competitors.
  4. I help the customer opt out of all option except mine.
  5. I make the option of the prospect buying my product or service very lucrative by giving value added services like training, installation etc.
  6. I jointly make the prospect understand why the transaction of buying my product or service is cost effective.
  7. I finally convince the prospect that this is the right time to do the transaction.

Try selling with this attitude of helping the customer and you will realise that selling is a very noble profession.

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