Healthy Sales Report Card

healthy sales

I have the privilege of meeting great salespersons on earth in my practice as a Sales Consultant for the past 33 years. In this practice, I have observed that the portfolio of a salesperson defines the business health of the salesperson.

What should be the right mix of lead acquisition mechanism?

A healthy business scorecard of a salesperson should be as follows:

  1. New customer sourcing 50%
  2. Reference Selling 30%
  3. Cross Selling 8%
  4. CRM Lead sourcing 8%
  5. Others 2%


I have met a lot of salespersons who are doing well but have a portfolio which is built of 90% Reference Selling. This is not healthy. This only means that your customer service is good. This also means that your effort towards new customer acquisition is very poor and hence somewhere down the line his sales pipeline will die due to a dearth of leads!

Many Sales Consultant do not understand that cross-selling happens only with complimentary products. Unless you have defined the same to your sales team sales strategy, chances of cross-selling happening in the normal course of time are remote.

If salespersons do not maintain customer history in terms of their buying behaviour, buying quantum and upscaling of desires, it will be difficult to post any sales under CRM Lead Sourcing.

In a nutshell, some great salespersons also run into this trap of not being able to balance their business scorecard sales training to a healthy one. They sure are great salespersons for today but will die into ignonimy tomorrow.

Let us avoid the untimely death of great salespersons just because we are ignorant about a healthy business scorecard. Let us work towards a healthy sales card Sales Growth .

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