Getting Past the Security Guard

In Direct selling, I have seen many sales people who are not even able to get past the security guard in new offices. If this is true, new acquisition of accounts becomes the first casualty because if one does not even meet the decision maker of prospects how does one move forward?

Let me mention some Do’s and Don’ts for you:

You must not do the following:

  1. Try to impress the security guard with your good English.
  2. Try to force your way through as if it is your right to enter the company.
  3. Try to give logic as to why you should be allowed to enter the office
  4. Try to sell the idea of your product or service at this point
  5. Try to bribe the security guard

You must do the following:

  1. Be friendly and caring for the security guard. Wish him a couple of times going up and down the building before meeting him officially for the first time.
  2. Position yourself as a “harmless service person”. ( Don’t position yourself as the “dangerous sales person”)
  3. Your objective at this point of sale is not only to gain entry but also know the name of correct person to be met inside the office once you are allowed to enter.
  4. Give him respect. They are also human beings.
  5. Call them for a cup of tea after office hours. They love to make friendship with salespersons out side the office.

The next time you are stuck with the security person at the gate of any office where you wish to do direct selling, please share the case with me. May we will learn together something more about this challenge for all direct selling persons.

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