Gabbar and Basanti in Sales Call

In a typical sales situation, there are two roles to be played

a) Gabbar Singh (as in Bollywood movie “Sholay”)

b) Basanti (as in Bollywood movie “Sholay”)

Amongst the salesperson and the prospect it is for each to decide as to what role would they like to play respectively. As a salesperson I am always interested to play the role of “Gabbar Singh” which is to say that I have to first make the customer enjoy playing the role of “Basanti”.

How do I do this?

Let us look at the customer psychology.

a) Customer always wants to touch, feel , taste and ask questions about the product

b) Customer only likes to listen to answers relevant to questions raised by him. Unsolicited questions are not welcome.

c) Customer loves to realise that he consciously chose his product and was not influenced by any salesperson in his choice.

d) Customer needs the salespersons consonance and help at the time of final closing in terms of discounts and best choice.

e) Customers like to win even if at the cost of salesperson.

Now , keeping in mind the psychology of the customer, it is very simple for the salesperson to allow the customer to play the role of “Basanti” for he is naturally poised to be one as per customer psychology. It is in our own earnestness to talk, we end up robbing the customer even off his psychology and quickly become the Basanti of the sales call.

Think of it. Allow the customer to be “Basanti” of the sales call. By default , you will become the “Gabbar Singh” of the show. It is for us to decide whether we want to enjoy the power of the dialogue – ” Jab tak tere pair chalegi, tab tak teri sans chalegi……!”

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