From a Salesman’s Desk

It is indeed a matter of great pride for me to complete yet another year as a Salesman in my journey which should end in the epitaph shown in the picture of this blog. I thank the Almighty to have guided me to have chosen sales as my profession. On this occasion of Happy New Year where all of us are busy in ringing in the new year 2017, this blog is an adieu to 2016.

  1. A big thank you to all those prospects who believed in us and our services to finally become our customer.
  2. A bigger thank you to all those prospects who considered our services but we failed to convince you to the point of making you our customers. You taught us where we need to improve and learn our profession better.
  3. A still bigger thank you to all those prospects whom we approached but you did not even find us worthy of consideration. After interacting with you, we came back and understood how to prepare our sales pitch better for other prospects in your segment.
  4. A humble note of thanks to all those customers who continue to believe that we can add value to their business in terms of bottomline or top line growth.
  5. A final note of gratitude to all and sundry whom we met and interacted in 2016. You have taught us patience, perseverance and perpetuity.


Oh God! the Almighty give me the courage to repeat all the 5 points every year on 31st December. We are there because of our customers and owe everything in our existence to them. Alas ! when I die please grant me the epitaph which I always worked for.

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