Fight Limits Set by your Thought

When the going gets tough many salespersons start feeling that the market is saturated or that the competition is too lucrative to outsell. I have always seen that this dilemma of performance often brews in the mind.

No Point Counter point
1 The market is saturated. Low lying fruits have been eaten.
2 Competitors pricing is very lucrative. Do not compare oranges with apples.
3 The total offering of the competitor is better than ours Look for customers who will like your package.
4 The services offered by my company is very poor. First look into your own circle of influence(sales) and not into the cirlce of concern (Service).
5 There is no demand for this product in the market. Demand does not die. The consumption pattern may change

The facts mentioned in the column “Point” above limits your thinking process and the “Counterpoint” ways of thinking delimits the same.

Salespersons who limit their thought, are not very successful because they lose even before going to the field.

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