Everyday Hero in Sales

If your everyday is planned and implemented well, even God cannot stop you from achieving your targets. If not, even God cannot help you achieve them! You will become an Everyday Sales Hero.

What all must be done everyday in sales to become “Everyday Hero” ?

  1. Min no of Calls/day (MNOC) : X no of new contacts must be met everyday and the unique story of your business must be shared with them. ( The figure X can be decided by you) ………………. 3 hours /everyday
  2. Today’s follow ups of old prospects in the pipeline…………… 2 hours / everyday
  3. Read the complaint book and attend to all pending complaints of customers. …….. 1 hour
  4. Update CRM, all Dashboards & Sales Funnels. Prepare MIS(Management Information Systems)……………. 1 hour
  5. Think change. Think Fresh. Thing about the way forward. Think……… 30 minutes
  6. Must eat lunch on time and take rest after lunch everyday…………. 1 hour

This is a schedule of 8.5 hours everyday. It is the responsibility of the salesperson to follow this everyday. It is also the responsibility of the sales management as well as the owners of companies to facilitate this schedule to happen everyday for every salesperson. Just do this much and enjoy this function of Sales!

What are the pitfalls seen in Sales Management?

  1. The Sales Manager comes to office late and spends the 1st hour in the morning taking meetings with sales team which extends till 1130 – 12 noon. Once this is done, the salesperson does not have a clear 8.5 hours with him to craft his everyday.
  2. The salesman does not realise the importance of his time and ends up killing time till 12 noon. Once this happens , he is left with no time to practice the sound everyday practice explained above.

Please ensure that your everyday is sound and as per this practice. With a good everyday , every week , every month, every quarter and of course every year will go great. Have a great 2017 ahead!

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