Does your customer trust you?

It is very important that your customer trusts you.

What are the levels of trust that a customer can have on you?

Level 1 Trust: Commodity : The customer pays money for a product or service that you deliver.

Level 2 Trust: Transactional : The customer does more than one transaction with you and trusts you for each transaction but again puts you on trial for the next transaction.

Level 3 Trust: Partner : The customer calls you to discuss his problems so that you could help him in finding the right solution through your products or sales consultant services.

Level 4 Trust: Trusted Advisor : The customer discusses solutions with you even if the same cannot be solved with your products or services. You have now developed a Strategic Relationship with the customer.

                    Let us look at the Trust Equation and understand the benchmarks to map each one of them.

Credibility is measured by the following equation (No of customers who call you for service / No of prospects you meet unsolicited )

Reliability is measured by your PQ level . (No of promises made / No of promises kept) –sales management training

Intimacy is measured by the no of times you visit a customer in a year and the average time spent by you with the customer per visit .

Self orientation is your willingness and enthusiasm to follow all the above benchmarks closely so that you can keep on increasing the Trust Quotient of your customer towards you.

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