Discuss 2 Deal in Sales

Debate, Argue, Dispute, Differ, Fight, Challenge and other such emotions are taboo word in Sales. The only road to success for a salesperson is his /her ability to create a discussion on the relevant topic. The more a discussion will happen, the more are the chances that the salesperson will get a chance to pitch his product or service.

Some of the typical wrong reactions of a salesman:

a) When the customer says “I don’t want your product”

  1. Please give me some time so that I can explain you how good my product is…
  2. My product is doing very well in the market. How can you say that you don’t want my product.
  3. The features of my product is world class. It cannot be compared with anyone else.
  4. Your competitors are using my product and are very happy about the same.
  5. I think that you need my product.Give me a chance to prove this to you.

b) When the customer says ” your price is too high”

  1. My product is value for money. How do you find it expensive?
  2. This is the cheapest product available in the market in this class. Give me some time to prove it to you.

c) When the customer says, “How do I trust you or your products and services?”

  1. I have got an identity card and I work for a reputed company. What do you mean that you cannot trust me?
  2. I deal with some of the best professionals in the city. I can show you their order copies so that you can trust me.

d) When the customer says, ” The discount is not enough.”

  1. Ok. I will offer you 10%. Is that ok?
  2. How much discount do you want?
  3. No, its not possible for me to give you any discount.

How should the salesperson create a discussion to deal with these questions?

  1. Customer: No, I don’t want your product or service. Salesperson: I appreciate your decision. It seems that you already have something similar with you. Customer: Yes. Salesperson: Hmmm, which make are you using? How old is it? Are you happy with its service? What is the running cost of the same?
  2. Customer: The price of your product is very high. Salesperson: You are a senior professional and I am sure you can make a good assessment of the price. You find the price high in comparison to what you are using right now. Customer: Yes. Salesperson: ok. How much cost are you incurring on what you are using right now? When would you like to salvage it? Does it have the latest benefits?

You will realise that when you debate or argue with the customers questions, one out of the following two options will happen and both of them will not lead you to a sale.

  1. The customer will win the debate and not give you any order
  2. The salesperson will win the debate and the customer will not give you any order as he will develop a negative ego after losing the discussion.

Lets discuss with the customer. Lets talk. Lets question. Lets probe.

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