Deal with Emotions, not Products!

Salespersons are human beings and customers are also human beings. When the two meet and talk, it is an exchange  of emotions first and then finally an exchange of facts, figures, product and technology. Isn’t it?

      If yes,

                   Do you empower yourself to handle your emotions as well as align the same to customers emotions?

The salesperson has to learn to enter the customers brain through the red box and finally into the blue box. The ones who try to do this the other way out are wasting their time sales training.

           Have you looked inside the customer’s mind? What kind of decisions does it take when talking to a salesperson?

The above depiction clearly shows that unless you have been able to fully control the pink circle, the blue circle will never be yours. The yellow circle will anyways delude you if there is no business happening.

                What are the top 10 human emotions which a salesperson must know and learn sales strategy how to activate for a customer even before he tries to sell his products or services?

My last question to you in this blog is :

“Do you actively try to follow these top 10 emotions in human beings / customers?” If yes, you are on the path of becoming a super salesman.

                                How to take facts from Rational to Emotional level in Sales growth ?

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