Customers never know their need

Customers never know what they need. They have a whole a set of wants and desires which are fulfilled by salespersons. How does the sales person do it?

a) Does he con the customer into thinking that a particular want is his need?

b) Does he fake a want to become need of the customer?

c) Does he de-market his other needs of the customer so that the latter settled for one of them as his priority want or need?

d) Does he talk about the customers want so much that the latter starts feeling that it is his need?

e) Does the salesperson educated the customer that he has a good solution to satisfy one the customers wants and waits for the latter to treat the same on priority ?

The above picture clearly shows that “how too many cooks spoil the broth” in Sales. We expect the salesperson to always take the lead in trying to understand as to how the want of the customer can be best matched with available resources. Salespersons who wait for the right need to crop up never close enough in Sales.

So next time, you are trying to talk to a customer please do not waste your time looking for needs. Instead launch a search for all his wants and then make an attempt to satiate one of his wants with the closest fit to what you have in your kitty to sell!

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