Customer Should Lead and Win.

In a Sales call it is often discussed whether a salesperson should lead in a discussion or trail in a discussion. Let me give you a few example so that you understand the difference between the phenomenon of “Leading” and “Trailing”.

Case 1: Salesman is leading the discussion and gets caught in his own trap

Salesman: How do you manage your Customer Relationship Management? Do you use any software for it?

Customer: Yes we have an ERP installed in our system that takes care of CRM as well.

Salesman: Which ERP software do you use?

Customer: Why should I tell you my details? Why don’t you tell me about what you have to offer? If the same is interesting, I will give you further details.

Salesman: The CRM Software with us has ………

Case 2: Salesman is trailing in the discussion and ends up leading in sale

Customer: What are the kinds of ERP solutions you have for Customer Relationship Management?

Salesman: We have a host of suites in our solution. Which aspect of CRM are you exactly interested in?

Customer: I am interested in the “Customer Loyalty” software utility of CRM.

Salesman: Do you already have some kind of Customer Loyalty program running in your store? What are the details of the same?

Customer: Well, we give 100 points on every Rs 10000/- spent by the customer in our store and the same can be redeemed whenever one wants.

Salesman: <continues with his need analysis of the exact nature of CRM requirement of this customer>

So don’t bootstrap yourself in sales. Always trail in the discussion to enable yourself finally lead in the sale.

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