Of Course I Can Sell

Deserving Sales Manager gradually move up the ladder of success and become RSM, ZM, Cluster Managers, AGM, DGM,GM. ED or Director……. This upward movement in their life happens primarily by virtue of their selling skills and also due to their leadership, man management, communication, problem solving and team building skills.

After reaching senior positions, I have seen many Managers forgetting the basic fact that it was always their Selling Skills that brought them up to here. They become cushy in their new air conditioned cubicles and slowly begin to believe in the following sequence in that order:

  1. I am not supposed to make sales calls. I have done enough.
  2. The function of “Sales” is a lot of “brawn”. Let me concentrate on the “brain”.
  3. Can I still sell?

Of course, you can sell. Let us start believing that in Sales Management if one is disconnected from the ground realities, irrespective of the designation on your visiting card, you will reach a Sales Coma! Whether your organisation has the HR policy of retaining Sales Coma patients or not is best left to the organisation that you work for.

Let us lead by example. The juniors in your sales team are dying to see role models live and in action. This is what will give you Sales Leadership.

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