Cold Calls makes your career Hot.

Salespersons often find the job of prospecting (looking for new customers without any reference or appointment) very boring and daunting. If you belong to this category , one of the following will apply to you:

Do you always react to a Sales Enquiry?

Do you work like a courier boy, always posting letters for your Sales Manager?

Do you survive only on sales leads given by your system to you?

If yes, you have reduced yourself to “Taking Sales Calls”. A sales person is born for “Making Sales Calls” and not only “Taking Sales Calls”.

To “make” a sales call

  • Map the geography that you have been assigned
  • Create beats, routes and journey cycles in your territory
  • Make proactive prospecting calls on defined beats everyday
  • Break beats only to attend to emergency sales calls which cannot be avoided or delayed.
  • Cold calls is a must in your sales portfolio every day.

Whenever you make cold calls, you have the option of selecting the calls which you wish to follow up for an order. If you survive on leads given to you by others the customers always have an option of rejecting you.

Think about this. The profession of Sales should give us pride and energy. The ignominy of getting rejected is a huge setback in a sales career for a fresher.

Sanjay Singh, Chief Knowledge Resource, Strategic Concepts (I) Pvt Ltd, Nagpur is a leading Sales Management Consultant mentoring brands like ICICI, Godrej, Airtel, Tata Indicom, Osborne LIppert, Grind master, Cahors and many more. He can be contacted on 9970506000 or email id:

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