Checklist for a MBRO Sales Management

If you are running a Multi Brand Retail Outlet in Consumer Electronics and (or) Home Appliances, you can use this checklist to assess your Sales Management System and Process.

1. Footfall Management

a. How do we welcome footfall?

i. Who does it?
ii. What are the questions to be asked during the first interrogation?
iii. How to decide the brand from where the demo will start?
iv. Who will give the demo?

b. How do you document and manage the lead?

i. Is there a central system where all leads get updated even before the demo starts? Or after the demo ends?
ii. When do you follow up with the lead, if the lead does not close during the demo?
iii. Who takes the onus of following up with the lead sales training?
iv. In what system do you update the results of each follow up with the lead?

c. For all those cases, which converts into sale how does sale coordinate with delivery and service dept?
d. Who takes the onus of training the customer on best usage of the product?

2. Sales Process

a. Do you have scripts for the sales pitch?
b. Do you have a defined need analysis template?
c. What are the techniques used for objection handling?
d. Have you armed the sales team with sales consultant

i. Features, Advantage and Benefits chart
ii. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for every hot selling brand
iii. Sales aids which help the salesperson demonstrate better sales strategy

e. Is the team trained on the concept of “partial closing”?
f. If yes, how many part closing leads to a close?
g. When should the salesperson attempt cross-selling? What products should be sold on cross-selling?
h. When should the salesperson attempt upselling? What should be sold on upselling?
i. Is there a defined process for Reference Selling?

3. Sales Negotiation

a. Is there a defined Sales Negotiation Matrix?
b. Is there a defined Sales Negotiation Exchange kit?
c. Is the discounting decision-making matrix known to everyone in Sales?
d. Does the sales team understand the concept of BATNA? (Better Alternative to a Negotiated Agreement)

4. Life Time Value of a Customer

a. Do you use CRM software for tracking customer buying behaviour?
b. How do you measure concepts like sales growth

i. Lapsation
ii. Stickiness
iii. Basket migration
iv. Average Basket size
v. Footfall conversion
vi. Recency, Frequency, Monetary Value (RFM)
vii. Reference Selling
viii. Cross Selling
ix. Upselling

c. How do you track the evolving nature of customers demand?

i. Time for upgrading
ii. Time for replacement
iii. Time for buying something new

d. Do you follow SWITS with your customer? (Sorry, Wish, Inform, Thank you, Share)

5. Sales Incentive Program for Sales team

a. Have you defined bottom lines to the sales team?
b. Does a salesperson have anything extra to earn if he sells bottom-line?
c. What is the normal incentive for a salesperson?
d. Do you incentivize sales destination or sales journey sales management training?
e. If yes, what percentage of your incentive budget do you apportion on the sales journey?

6. Sales Metrics

a. What are the sales metrics being tracked for each salesman on

i. Everyday
ii. Weekly
iii. Monthly
iv. Quarterly
v. Annually

b. What are the sales metrics being tracked for each branch on

i. Everyday
ii. Weekly
iii. Monthly
iv. Quarterly
v. Annually

7. Sales Management Information Systems (MIS)

a. Daily Sales Dashboard

i. Group level
ii. Branch level
iii. Category level
iv. Product level

b. Sales Funnel Management

i. Leads
ii. Opportunities
iii. Proposals
iv. Negotiation
v. Order

c. Lost Cases Reason Analysis

i. Product
ii. Price
iii. Credibility
iv. Discount

d. Sell in vs. Sell out Matrix

i. What is selling?
ii. What is not selling?
iii. What should be put on offer?
iv. How fast should SCM replenish goods?
v. What is the loss?
vi. What is the opportunity gain?
vii. What is the cash loss?

8. Outreaching to the market

a.  Below the Line (BTL) Calendar

i. Knowledge forum for the customer
ii. Customer Empowerment training programs
iii. Mass display / exhibition / demo of products

b.  Above the Line (ATL) Plan

i. TV
ii. Print Media
iii. Hoarding

c.  Digital Selling

i. Blogging
ii. Social Media Marketing (SMM)
iii. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
iv. Google ad words
v. Gmass bulk emailing
d. Whats app marketing
e. SMS marketing
f. Collaboration with other complementary brands
g. Joint venture with brands with no conflict.

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