Champions Dominate. Soldiers Compete.

Salespersons and Entrepreneurs of this world need to realise that “Competition” is meant to be dominated if you must win. Domination in the market place comes out of one or all of the following

  1. Visibility in market place. ( This is not just about advertisements.)
  2. Make news for your customers to read them. (Make one , even if there is none)
  3. Make market conditions tough for anyone to compete with you. (This is not about lowering prices and invite penury for yourself)
  4. Relevant cost components for your competitors should become simple entries in your cost sheet. ( Minimize fixed costs to nothing by maximizing sales volume)
  5. Hire champions in your team if you were to become a dominating champion team. (Sheep’s never roar!)
  6. Fight war on the battlefield and not in your strategy rooms.
  7. Crush competition. Don’t allow them to relax after defeating them. (Snakes are best killed completely.)
  8. Stop celebrating No 2 positions in the industry. You will never become no 1 if you do so.
  9. Dream about domination in the market place while you are awake.
  10. Just do it!

Winners always think about dominating and Losers always think about winning. It is your choice in life which makes you great. Go for it , folks!

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